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Dog Training Pricing and Fees

Ridgeside K9 Tidewater offers a vast variety of dog training services. Let us help you create the perfect obedient canine companion. We can train any dog, any breed, and any behavior. Choose a service below to view our programs. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.


Our puppy programs will lay the foundation of basic obedience training. In this program, your puppy will learn the basic commands of heel, sit, down, and place. We will start training at our facility and quickly progress to a public environment. We want to train the puppy in a public setting as much as we can so we can properly expose and socialize your puppy to all types of environments. At the end of the two-week board and train, we will spend 2-3 hours teaching you everything your puppy has learned and how to maintain it. We will educate you on the best way to raise a puppy, so you minimize issues down the road. Puppy training is just a foundation!

  • Puppy Foundation (10-day)  $1500
  • Puppy University (14-day)  $1650
  • Puppy All-Inclusive (10-day puppy board & train + adult two-week training)  $3,650 ($500 Savings)

ADULT Board and Train Package INFO

Advanced Obedience Training Programs (age 5 months and up) – We focus on leash obedience (on and off-leash), place work, off-leash recall plus cover all aspects of livability, control, and environmental neutrality. Often behavioral issues all come down to confusion and the dog having no idea what the desired behavior is. Teaching the dog impulse control and self-capping drive and teaching the dog how to communicate is critical for long-term success.

  • 2-Week Board & Train (14-day immersion program)  $2,650
  • 3-Week Board & Train (21-day immersion program)  $2,975 (Greatest Value)
  • 4-Week Board & Train (21-day immersion program)  $3,750 (Greatest Value)

Aggression Control Rehabilitation

  • 4-Week Aggression Control Rehab (28-day immersion program) $4,150
  • 5-Week Extreme Aggression Control Immersion Program $5,150
  • 6-Week Extreme Aggression Control Immersion Program $6,150

dog boarding options

Doggie Daycare
$28 per day

Overnight Boarding (All-inclusive)
$50 per night

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