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Williamsburg, VA Private Dog Training

Your dog deserves one-on-one attention! Call (571) 554-2018. Ridgeside K9 Tidewater provides private dog training classes to transform your K9 into an obedient dog you can take pride in.

Private Dog Training in Williamsburg, VA

Private dog training classes are the most effective way to teach your dog a new behavior. Dogs can be trained anywhere and everywhere, but the very best results come from private dog training classes. One-on-one attention is the key in private dog training sessions. Your dog will be able to focus on you and learn at his own pace without distractions.

How To Know If Your Dog Would Benefit From Private Dog Training

While all dogs benefit from it, you should consider hiring a private dog trainer, particularly under certain circumstances. For example, if your dog is:

  • Easily distracted by other people and animals
  • Excitable
  • Resistant to your commands
  • Able to learn tricks and games

A lot of people use private dog training because it’s convenient and for basic obedience. But lest we forget, dogs are bundles of energy and a gifted dog can be taught to run agility courses, play games, and more! 

For obvious reasons, advanced training like this has been shown to be most effective in a private setting.

Ridgeside K9 – Uniquely Qualified To Train Your Dog

Our mission statement at Ridgeside K9 is to teach owners to Communicate, Connect and Thrive with their dog.


In order to effectively teach your dog, you need to have an unspoken bond and unshakeable trust. Our dog trainers can teach you how to achieve this.


Learning that you are the alpha member of the pack let’s your dog relax and connect with you. He will follow your every command once he is (gently) taught that you are in charge.


We believe that dog training is a long-term proposition. Private dog training sessions allow our trainers to give you specific instruction on how to reinforce good behavior on an ongoing basis at home and thrive with your dog for a lifetime.

Without distractions that are present in a group learning environment, our private dog training teaches basic obedience like leash walking, sit and stay, as well as behavior correction in eliminating annoying barking or chewing, all in the privacy of your own home or other location of your choosing.

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