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Ridgeside K9 Tidewater – Training For Aggressive Dogs

Effective, proven techniques for combating dog aggression problems at Ridgeside K9 in Williamsburg, VA. Our trainers use a practical, humane, science-based dog training approach to solve all types of aggressive dog behavior.

We offer a humane and effective training solution for owners of aggressive dogs. Based on clear communication and positive reward, we will teach your dog to respond appropriately when he or she is approached or touched. Understanding K9 body language is a key to success in this program. As the owner, you’ll be provided with homework to reinforce good behavior at home.

Difficult Dog Behaviors? We Can Help!

Does your dog growl and show teeth when he encounters humans or other K9s? Is he aggressive and unruly? Curbing aggressive behavior is very important to your safety and peace of mind. The good news is, with the right dog trainers, almost all dogs can unlearn these negative behaviors. We offer:

  • Dog aggression training for all breeds
  • Customized programs
  • Ongoing training
  • Helpful follow-up for you

And the entire process might not take as long as you think. It depends on your unique circumstance, but you’ll be amazed by what you can do with your dog with as little as six weeks of training. 

Just remember yelling at your dog and threatening him won’t work. But learning the right techniques will!

Why Some Dogs Are Aggressive

Some dogs are more prone to becoming aggressive than others. This may seem unfair, but understanding who your dog is and where he is coming from is crucial for success.


Certain breeds of dogs tend to be more aggressive than others do. For example, German Shepherds are often protective of their families and homes, which can make them EXCELLENT guard dogs, but more likely to act aggressively toward strangers or other animals. (German Shepherds are, as a side note, this writer’s favorite breed of dog)!

Prior Abuse Or Neglect

A dog that is abused or neglected has problems trusting people and when there is a lack of trust, aggression often follows. Be an abused dog’s hero and teach that rescue dog the right way to behave in polite society. He’ll be eternally grateful and you can smile knowing you helped a dog when he needed you the most.

Lack Of Socialization From Puppyhood

Socializing a dog when he is young is why puppy training programs are so important. But it’s not too late! Our expert dog trainers can help even older dogs learn how to shake off aggressive tendencies.

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Our consultations are free, so let’s discuss the best outcome for your four-legged buddy. Dog aggression is a difficult problem, but most certainly can be solved! 

We are the specialists for dog aggression training in Williamsburg, VA. Call Ridgeside K9 at (571) 554-2018 or tell us about your situation by filling out our online form. Once an assessment is made, we can set aside time to talk about your dog’s individualized program.

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